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It's All About You Interview With SulkyDoll

It's All About You Interview With SulkyDoll

Sulky Doll Styling Mama Rules Interview

SulkyDoll aka Donna is a Stylist working on both editorials and personal styling. She loves to encourage women to embrace their own definitive style. This is why myself and Frankie from The BeauBox are so excited that Donna will be giving style advice at our GOT THIS Style event this Friday. This awesome mum of two is offering her experience and styling services in return for donations to Bliss Charity so come and down and see her whilst you can. We challenged her to our quick fire interview to find out what makes her tick.

My Favourite out OUT look:

My Rixo dress was a great buy, I'm A 42 year old mother of two and I got told I looked like a Bond girl by some guy at a party...it was Deffo the dress 

My favourite in IN look:

Bf jeans and a sweatshirt, can easily be dressed up if I have to go out. 

Knackered mama style tip:

Sunglasses, I have astigmatism which means I am hyper sensitive to light and I wear them even when it's grey skies as I can get bad headaches,  but they cover dark circles and a multitude of other things so it's a win win. Also bronzer, it will make you look like you've had a much better sleep than you've had.

Palm print or florals?


Flamingos or pineapples?


Parenting rule you’ve abandoned:

Too many to list...

Last time you had a full night's sleep (over 7 hours):

My kids are older now so they sleep much better but neither were great sleepers (as other mothers fell over themselves to tell me!) & my son DID NOT sleep until he was 2, I was on my KNEES. 

The first thing you do once the kids hit the sack:

Pour a G&T 

If motherhood were a cocktail it would be called:

Gin and On it 

Has a hangover since having a child ever been worth it?


Favourite thing your kid/s says:

 "I love you mama" 

"You maked me alive in your tummy"

24hrs without the kid/s, what’s your plan?

Spa break!!!! 

Essential item for motherhood survival:

Wet wipes/Gin/fish fingers

I'm not world famous for my cooking and if kids come for a play date fish fingers are my default dinner. 

Would you put on make up to go and buy make-up wipes?

Hell yes! 

Most embarrassing motherhood moment:

My daughter announcing to everyone "you're doing a poo" in a posh hotel toilet 

Mama super hero power you would choose:

To survive on 2 hours sleep 

What do you wish you’d been told about motherhood beforehand?

That the worry never stops, it doesn't matter if they're 12 months or 12 years old, you still worry about them. 

Three words to describe yourself: 

I'm rubbish at this, but Emma @thefashioncraver described me as "soft but strong" which I love as I'm feisty but a softie underneath. And my husband says I'm "exhausting but worth it" 🤣is that 3? 

 Exciting upcoming plans: in the next few weeks I have:

 A event with Mama Rules & The BeauBox

An event with Donna Ida

A photoshoot with a menswear brand

A styling day with the Scummy Mummies 

So it's all happening xxxx 

Why do Mama’s Rule?

Cos we "maked our babies in our tummies" we ROCK!!!