Love love love this company - products and service are both outstanding.
I can't recommend Mama Rules enough, these muslins are so versatile I couldn't live without them! I have two and use them for all sorts, blankets, play mat, breastfeeding cover up, sleepyhead sheet, pram cover! They are so handy, I never leave the house without one!
I have 3 beautiful muslins, and after 8 months of being used for a multitude of different tasks, they all still look like new
I love the fun designs and their funky black packaging which stands out in a sea of boring pink and blue baby items. The muslin blanket is so super soft and the ribbon tie is a brilliant idea.
Never disappoint, super soft, fashionable, I never leave the house without one! I love them and so do my friends...perfect gift for new mums
These tops are comfortable, soft and 100% brilliant. You feel stylish and pretty while wearing them and that's something we all want as nursing mothers.
Claire (@ALittleBitOfClaire - Blogger)
Well big smiles from me as I've actually found a practical and stylish top specifically for modern day bf mums!
Katie (@freyajoss _and_babyellahope - Blogger)
I will live in this top! (Mia Top – Black)
Liberty @Mills.Liberty – Model & Pregnant with her second baby
Comfortable and stylish. It’s lovely knowing that you’re wearing practical clothing that fits in with your daily life as a Mum, and makes feeding so much easier, but also makes you feel and look great!
Sammy – Mum of two girls
I'd love to wear these tops even though I'm not a mum.


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