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About Us

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Life as you once knew it has changed. You are now on the motherhood rollercoaster of highs and lows. Every iota of you is focused on looking after the small human who relies on you for everything from pureed carrots to complex school admissions forms. So where do you lie in all of this? Sometimes it’s ok to say, ‘it’s all about you’.

 After I had my daughter Effie May, I found myself drowning under a mountain of parental essentials adorned with cutesy duck prints. I wanted to find products that made me feel like myself again. Armed with a background in fashion retail, I took on the challenge myself.

Mama Rules* was created as a destination for products that don’t compromise your sense of style just because you are a mum. Launching with our baby muslins with catwalk-inspired prints, this is the perfect accessory for both mum and baby.

Because it really is all about you.

Laura x

*There are no rules, but you do rule