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It's All About You Interview with Stacy Ullenes - Mama Rules US Director

It's All About You Interview with Stacy Ullenes - Mama Rules US Director
Mama Rules Interview with Stacy Ullenes
Introducing the awesome Stacy Ullenes Mom-To-Be based in New York representing Mama Rules in the US.

Hello, nice to meet you all!
I'm an expat Brit, living in the US, in New York. I've known Laura for years (one of my besties married her brother..!) and have followed her incredible journey with Mama Rules from the beginning. Whilst chatting over Instagram one day (yes, Instagram!) I was delighted when she asked me if I'd be interested in representing and helping her to distribute her super cool brand and products here in the US of A, which of course I was very excited to do. As a mama-to-be myself (Laura and I are actually both due in January a few days apart, so the race is ON!) I totally relate to the brand's ethos about being true to yourself (not forgetting how to do that) and not having to compromise your style into and throughout motherhood! The unique prints and out-of-the-box "hey you can totally wear this too mama" sucked me in. AND here I am. My background has been varied, to say the least - I enjoyed a fast-paced career in the Music Industry as a TV PR for 7 years working with bands and artists I could have only dreamed of as a teenager. I decided to travel the world for a year (or maybe two) with my new husband (who I met in the US) and decided life would figure itself out from there. So a move to New York; a freelance social media gig; working for a music venue in NY called The Paramount later... and here I am, also working with Laura for Mama Rules and this uber cool brand!
We challenge Mom's and Mom's-to-be from far and wide to honestly answer the Mama Rules 'It's All About You Interview'. Sometimes it's ok to focus on you for a change.

My favorite evening out, look:
answer: Skinny jeans with boots or heels, a leather jacket - oh and red lippy.
My favorite staying in look:
answer: cosy sweats, t-shirt and hair in a bun.
Tired mama-to-be style tip:
answer - my cooling gel eye mask and a good eye-bag concealer! 
Palm print or florals?
answer - palms - dreamy holiday vibes.
Flamingos or pineapples?
answer - Pineapples - shake um.

Vibrant fun colors or cool monochrome?
answer - Ahh difficult as it depends on my mood for sure (which is why I need the whole collection!) 
Parenting rule you’ll know you'll probably throw out the window:
answer - not worrying about EVERYTHING and not being able to control EVERYTHING.
Last time you had a full night's sleep (over 7 hours):
 answer - back in the first - trimester. I'm told that's the end for me and sleep for the near future! We're no longer friends.
The first thing you'll probably do once the kids hit the hay:
answer - have a glass of wine!
If pregnancy were a cocktail it would be called:
answer - bloody boring, as it's alcohol free!
Would you put on makeup to go and buy makeup wipes?
answer - totally (sorry i'm not sorry)
Most embarrassing mama-to-be moment:
 answer - leakage. That's ALL I'm saying.
Mama superhero power you would choose:
answer - i imagine being a child whisperer might come in handy. sleep child.. BOOM.
What do you wish you’d been told about pregnancy beforehand?
answer - gas and leg cramps (sorry.)
Three words to describe yourself: 
answer - very preggers, a little emotional, generally happy to be in the world!
Exciting upcoming plans:
answer - trying to get the nursery ready oh and of course meeting our little boy next January! 
Why do Mama’s Rule?
answer - because we have the ability to nurture, multi-task and you know, we can give birth to tiny miracles..